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Welcome to Social Media Success

Social Media Success is the team you need for professional Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Social Media Marketing. We help you to reach the right customers and ensure that your brand or service is loved, liked and, above all, Bought.We are performance-oriented! Success and failure of a campaign can be measured, analyzed, and improved by us down to the smallest detail. This enables us to bring you from “Zero to Hero” status when it comes to social media campaigns. We not only have the knowledge and experience, but are also a TikTok Agency Partner and Shopify Business Partner as well as Blueprint zertifiziert. 

"Getting certified is the highest level of accreditation that Facebook recognizes in digital marketing."


Social Media Ads Management

We want to be transparent in the structuring of our fees, therefore we offer various payment options, ranging between monthly tariff prices, revenue shares, and commission per purchases.

Focus: Performance Marketing

Our Process


Together we will discuss and analyze your current situation. What are your goals? Who are your customers? How big is your customer base? Which target group would you like to reach? Which channels are useful? What are the requirements?


Taking your requirements into account, we work closely with you to develop a marketing strategy with the aim to use your marketing budget on social media as efficiently as possible. That's right, we are performance-oriented!


We set up all campaigns and activities according to your specifications, the developed concept, and our vast know-how. In order to measure the success of our advertising campaigns, we carry out a continuous analysis of your Social Media Advertising campaign performance.


Through our continuous monitoring and optimization of your campaigns, we can guarantee lasting advertising success. We'll track your ads 24/7 to make sure you're achieving your desired goals.

Our Service

Decide on a solution or let us work one out together. Many of our customers use a mix of different services with the aim of achieving optimal results. Our services range from managing your social media campaigns to training your marketing team.

Social Media Ads Management

Social Media Ads Management: Whether Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, we set up your campaigns and manage them individually according to your goals and requirements.

Performance Marketing

Profitable social media marketing through data-based optimization? With measurable campaign performance? Exactly our focus!

Content Creation & Advice

Social Media Success advises and creates profitable content for you that will be loved, liked, and--above all--clicked by your target group.

Campaign Audit

Are you already running social media campaigns, but the performance leaves a lot to be desired? Do you know the reasons for that? With our campaign audit, we show you your individual optimization potential.

WORKSHOPS & Consulting

Social Media Success offers individual and tailor-made consulting and workshops with the aim that you and your marketing team can independently manage profitable marketing campaigns.

Campaign Support

Learning by doing! Learn by doing! At our weekly meeting, we analyze the performance of your campaigns with you and develop further strategies together. The perfect mix of practice & theory.

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Our Costumer Feedback

Case Study

Lockcard – the smallest, lightest and most practical wallet in the world. We looked after the German start-up company since its beginning and set up their Facebook campaigns from scratch. No problem for social media success.´.
Anuttara – Become a verified yoga & meditation teacher. The Canadian company specializes in a certified yoga & meditation teacher program and even attained the top award “Top 10 Life Changing Teacher Program”. We managed customer acquisition with the help of Facebook & Instagram Ads.

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