Become a Verified Yoga & Meditation Teacher


With the help of the Canadian yoga school Anuttara, you have the opportunity to become a certified yoga & meditation trainer. Because of their excellent training program and the amounting positive reviews they’ve received, Anuttara received the award for best learning program in the teacher training category.


Due to the coronavirus, the yoga school no longer had the opportunity to have yoga training on site. Anuttara quickly reacted by opening up their teacher training program online, which gave potential customers the opportunity to learn from home for $ 2000CAD. Prior to contacting us, the company already run one or two paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram for this, unfortunately without much success. Luckily, the yoga school was able to build up a very active community on Instagram and Facebook in recent years, anyway.

Goal: The goal sounded simple - all available apprenticeships should be sold as cost-effectively as possible.

Strategy: Since this is a highlypriced service, we excluded direct sales. With the help of the yoga school, a 1-day trial program was designed in which anyone interested could register for free. The customer then had the opportunity to register directly for the training program or was contacted and informed by the yoga school by phone. In addition, we created retargeting campaigns that allowed us to convince the still undecided parties with so-called flash sales.


Campaign structure: In order to economically attract as many potential customers as possible to register for the 1-day trial program, we quickly decided on the Objective Conversion campaign with the event lead. With it, Facebook automatically targets those who are most likely to sign up for the trial course. For the retargeting campaigns and flash sales later on, we switched to event purchases.

Target groups: Based on the active communities on Facebook and Instagram, we formed a 2% lookalike audience from active followers and their engagement in the last 180 days. This lookalike audience takes 2% of all Facebook and Instagram users in the audience’s respective location (in this case, USA and Canada) that mirror closest to the community’s actual followers. In addition, we formed a lookalike audience from website visitors over the last 90 days.

Results: After just a few days and slight optimizations, we were able to record 300 leads for an average cost of $ 2.45 CAD, which is the equivalent of 1.55 € per registration. An unbelievable result, especially for our target countries where the CPM is comparatively much higher than, for example, in Germany. But not only the quantity was right, but the quality was also exceptional with an average completion rate of 9% percent. So to speak, we paid around € 16 for the deal.


In due course, we scaled up the lead campaigns a little and formed the first retargeting campaigns with the conversion event purchases.

Flash Sales: With the help of so-called "Flash Sales", those who registered for the 1-day trial course but have not yet completed the purchase for the teacher program would be encouraged to buy. We then supplemented this audience with a customer audience from website visitors in the last 30 days in order to expand the retargeting pool.

Lookalike Audiences: We used Flash Sales to encourage new customers who have not yet been in contact with the company to buy the yoga training. We took a 2% lookalike audience from the leads of the 1-day trial entries and supplemented this with a lookalike audience from website visitors and Instagram engagement. Lo and behold, it is very possible to sell high-priced services directly and we were able to achieve an average ROAS of 12 in various flash sales, in some cases even an ROAS of over 14.


In summary, we were able to achieve incredible results due to our lead campaign with an average lead price of $2.45 CAD and a 9% completion rate. With the help of our Flash Sales, Retargeting Campaigns, and the Lookalike Audiences, which pursued the goal of directly selling the course to new customers, we were able to significantly increase this result with an average ROAS of 12. Our strategy has paid off; we have managed to ensure that our customers have many qualifications for a professional yoga & meditation teacher training and are looking forward to the next few months.

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