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Your individual optimization potential!


Are you unsure whether your current setup is exploiting your full campaign potential? Are your campaigns not getting the results you expected, or are you paying too much per purchase, per lead, or link click? are you wondering why and unsure about further optimization steps? Then you have come to the right place. We analyze your current campaign performance and explain the reasons behind its undesirable results, giving you a detailed next-step action plan.


We analyze your entire advertising account, from the structure of the campaign, audiences and creatives, to the company website.


Do you know the reasons for the unachieved results? No problem, we will explain the most important KPIs and the conclusions we can draw from them.


With the help of our analyses, we develop a detailed strategic plan for you with future recommendations, which you can apply independently.

Our Process


In the first step we familiarize ourselves with your brand, your products or your service, as well as with the goals that you would like to achieve with your advertising campaigns.

⇨ Campaign goals

⇨ Marketing Budget

⇨ Success and failure to date


We analyze:

⇨ Campaign structure

⇨ Campaign setup & goals

⇨ Target group including Costume & Lookalike Audiences

⇨ Ad creatives

⇨ Facebook Tracking

⇨ Company Website

Presentation & Recommendation

We analyze: With the help of our analysis and your desired goals, we develop a strategy plan with future recommendations which you can apply independently. This analysis is presented to you and discussed further to ensure our strategy continues to align with your goals.

⇨ Strategy Plan + Recommendations for action

⇨ Presentation

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