Campaign support & mentoring

Learning by Doing!

Theory & Practise

Would you like to run profitable Social Media Campaigns on your own? Or do you want to improve the performance of your campaigns,develop your skills, and apply them profitably? Then you’ve come to the right place with our campaign support & mentoring where we combine theory and practice. Together we set up your advertising campaign and analyze it in our weekly Zoom Meetings. Here we will explain the most important KPIs and how to use them to optimize the campaigns.


We will teach you everything during our campaign support & mentoring, from setting up the campaign to optimizing and creating new target groups. This not only teaches you everything, but also allows you to apply the theory directly.

Zoom meeting

In our 7-10 day Zoom Calls, we analyze the current campaign performance using screen sharing, explain the most important KPIs and, with the help of our analyses, develop further strategies to continuously improve the performance of your campaign.


Regardless of whether to set up a campaign or to optimize it, we will answer every question within 24 hours in our private WhatsApp chat! Yes, that’s our promise. This gives you the opportunity to quickly get the correct answer to your questions.

Our Process


IThe first step is to familiarize ourselves with you, your brand, your products, and your service. We discuss the goals we want to achieve together and create a schedule in which we will hold our next Zoom Meetings.

Campaign setup & analysis

Together we will set up your campaigns or we will analyze the performance of your current campaigns together, mainly theoretically and practically on the following areas:

Process & Optimization

After about 7-10 days, the process is repeated. Together we analyze the campaigns via zoom and optimize them. We think about new strategies and possibilities to improve the campaigns step by step. Due to the higher amount of data, we will have the opportunity to form new target groups, so you can apply your newly learned knowledge directly.

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