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If you’ve ever thought about using influencer marketing for your business, now is the time! Influencer marketing focuses on using strong influencers to deliver your brand’s message to your target audience. When an influencer endorses a product or service, to consumers it feels like a trusted friend making that recommendation, which is enormously beneficial for brands, as it gets their name directly to their target markets for a fraction of the price of traditional advertising.

1. Campaign Details

Please fill out our questionnaire with all of the campaign details we need. We will discuss the details closely with you and give you our personal recommendations.

2. Influencer List

We will provide you with a quality list of influencers who will fit your campaign requirements and goals. Each influencer profile will include a PDF with a deep analysis of their accounts.

3. Choose Your Influencers

Now it is up to you to choose the influencers you like. Of course, we will continue to work closely with you and provide our personal recommendations.

4. Take A Break

Now it’s on us. We will contact all the influencers you have chosen. We’ll also make sure that all influencers provide the content on time and according to your requirements.

5. Choose your Content

We will provide you with a summary of the content the influencers have created. Choose the content you like, and your influencer will publish it according your requirements.

6. Analyse your Results

Was the influencer campaign successful or not? We will provide you with a high-quality report and thoroughly discuss the results with you.

THE Benefits of Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are influencers with a social media following of between 500 and 100,000 people, which might make you wonder why influencer marketing is more effective with micro-influencers. Well, the influencers’ engagement rates across social media channels decrease when their follower numbers increase. That mean micro-influencers have a better engagement rate because they are considered experts in their chosen niches. They are also less competitive compared to influencers with daily advertising deals. On top of all these benefits, their costs are 10 times lower, so you can keep your budget under control.

Bigger Impact
Less Competition
Smaller Fees

Social Network


YouTube’s longer video format makes audiences feel as though they know the influencers they watch on a regular basis. If you can get an influencer on board with your product, the result is an iron-clad pathway to your target audience.


Instagram is the origin of influencers, with the greatest engagement of any other platform and an enormous reach. We can connect your brand to consumers in an impactful and lasting way through Instagram advertising.

Tik Tok

Influencers are soon to be big business on TikTok. The platform is all about people showcasing their talents, interests, and humor. Capitalize on TikTok influencer audiences to get your products seen by the right people.

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Why Us

We have the access and experience to create beneficial relationships with suitable influencers for your brand. Explore our unique costumer service, and then we will accompany you through the whole process.

3+ Million Influencer

We have access to a database of more than 3+ million followers, so we can proudly say that we will find the right influencers for every business.

Quality Check

The right platform for social media growth. Growing your brand on social media can be a difficult task to attain.​

Data Based

Using our influencer analytic reports, we will recommend influencers according to their data and your requirements, because data doesn’t lie.

Strategy Suggestions

We will work on the whole process closely with you, so you can benefit from our strategies, suggestions, and expertise.

Content Check

We will make sure that all content has a high-quality solution and adheres to your requirements.

Campaign Report

It is more important today than ever to know the impact of each marketing investment. For that reason, we will provide you with an individual report, every time.



Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on using suitable influencers to drive your brand’s message to your audience on social media.

The definition of an influencer is someone who has the power to influence or affect the purchasing decisions of others. Someone might have that power for several reasons. Among those reasons are having an air of authority or knowledge and being seen as an expert. Furthermore, true influencers develop strong relationships with their followers; their followers often feel connected to the influencer, as if they were part of the influencer’s inner circle.

That really depends on your goals, your target group, and your products or services. We can set up influencer campaigns for every budget.

It depends on your budget, your goals, and the influencers with whom you want to work. For example, three influencers with smaller follower numbers are cheaper than one influencer with a follower number of 50,000. Of course, you can have as many influencers on your campaigns as you’d like.

We recommend you choose the influencers who have the best access to your target group and who are in line with your budget business goals. Let’s choose the right influencer for your campaign together, and then we will stay right with you through the whole process.

We have influencers in countries all over the world, which means you can run influencer campaigns in all languages, in any country you’d like.

We strive towards success for influencers and brands through strategic social media marketing by taking you from “Zero to Hero” status.

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