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No social media marketing strategy is complete without considering Instagram, with its more than 1 billion users. With a special focus on photo and video content, Instagram is the perfect platform for almost all industries. Use the potential of Instagram to optimally present your products and services.

  • Facebook integration: Since Instagram is part of the Facebook company, both platforms use the same algorithm. This means that we can kill two birds with one stone using the marketing tools provided by Facebook. For the sake of simplicity and efficiency, your budget and planning are carried out exclusively via the Facebook Business Manager.
  • Engagement The average engagement rate on Instagram is higher than any other social media marketing platform. Therefore, your ads have the best possible chance of being liked, and commented Achieve more attention and gain the trust of your customers with a higher engagement rate.
  • Brand Awareness On Instagram, eye-catching photos and videos come first. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. What sets this platform apart is the ability to make a lasting impression on your audience with a well-placed photo or video ad.

Why us:

At Social Media Success we have the experience to continuously carry out successful Instagram advertising campaigns for you. Our know-how as well as close customer contact is what sets us apart from the competition. We can look back on an efficient track record of many profitable advertising accounts and a close partnership with Facebook & Instagram.

Our Process:

Our incredible service package, which ranges from the analysis of your requirements to the optimization and management of your social media campaigns, ensures that we can always provide you with the best results.


1. Analysis

In the first step of our cooperation, we familiarize ourselves with your brand, your products or services, as well as your goals and requirements. We work closely together to determine whether Instagram is the right platform for your needs.

⇨ What are your goals?

⇨ Who are your customers?

⇨ How big is your customer base?

⇨ Which target group would you like to reach?

⇨ How big is your advertising budget?

2. Strategy

After a market and data analysis is carried out and taking your requirements into account, we develop the most cost-effective and efficient marketing strategy for you with which you can expect to achieve the highest possible returns.

⇨ Market analysis

⇨ Data analysis

⇨ Target audience research

⇨ Text analysis

⇨ Audience Insights

⇨ Facebook Ad Library

3. Implementation

We set up the advertising campaigns for you according to your requirements and the agreed strategies. Then, we send you a video in which we present the structure and implementation of each campaign.

⇨ Campaign Set Up

⇨ Adset and Ad Set Up

⇨ Pixel Implementation and Event Set Up

⇨ Creation of Ad copy and Headlines

⇨ Creation of Custom and Lookalike audiences

⇨ Creation of Retargeting Campaigns

⇨ Implementation Video

4. Performance Analysis

In order to measure the success of our advertising campaigns, we carry out a continuous analysis of your social media advertising campaign performance. Link clicks, impressions, conversion rates, and many other relevant metrics are tracked, which are used to further optimize our campaigns.

⇨ Evaluation of the performance data

⇨ List of KPIs

⇨ Analysis of the KPIs

⇨ Creation of a monthly report

5. Campaign & Strategy Optimization

We use the resulting data to optimize your advertising campaigns and our strategies. Through our continuous monitoring and optimization of your campaigns, we guarantee lasting advertising success. We track your ads around the clock to ensure that your desired goals are met.

⇨ Scaling

⇨ Creation of new target audiences

⇨ Creation of new creatives

⇨ Creation of new headlines and ad copy

⇨ Creation of A / B Test

Our Benefits

Social Ads Fokus

We are the leading team for professional and performance-oriented social media ads management, whether it’s for Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok ads. We take your campaigns from "Zero to Hero".

Flexible Payments

We want to be extremely transparent in the structuring of our fees and therefore offer various payment options, between monthly tariff prices, revenue shares, and commission per purchase.

Advice Included

We not only implement, but also advise you. Whether it is about strategy, design, content, or your website, comprehensive advice is always on the table for us.

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