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Performance marketing is based on the motto “Trust is good, control is better” because here the success of every marketing campaign is precisely measured and optimized based on the results. This will give you continuous improvement in campaign performance and more efficient use of your advertising budget. Social media marketing is the only advertising platform that can truly make your ad campaign successful.


In performance marketing, we document, evaluate, and analyze performance results with the help of tracking tools. With traditional marketing, these types of measurements are difficult to obtain. That’s why measurability with social media campaigns is one of its best qualities: we can measure on the fly.


Each marketing campaign or ad group can be analyzed and evaluated independently of the other campaigns. This is how we determine which ad group needs optimization.


By precisely analyzing the advertising campaigns, various parameters can be quickly adjusted with the aim of continuously optimizing the effectiveness of the respective marketing campaign.

Performance Analysis

Social Media Success not only analyzes the most important KPIs but also translates them into an easily understandable report Every 7-10 days we carry out a performance analysis with our customers by discussing the most important KPIs and working out further strategies with the help of our interpretations. We would like to introduce you to the most important KPIs in performance marketing.


The aim of every campaign is to achieve a high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). The ROAS provides information about the effectiveness of each advertising campaign because it shows the profit that your advertising spend has brought you. Only if this is not satisfactory are other KPIs analyzed.


High costs per click can be an indication that the ad is not attractive enough. The solution is to improvethe creatives, headlines, and the ad copy or the offer itself. On the other hand, low costs per click are an indication that the campaigns are performing well. The focus here should be on the landing page.


The CPM is used to calculate the cost to reach 1000 contacts. The higher the CPM, the greater the competition. This can vary greatly depending on the industry, the country, and the respective campaign goal. The CPM is not necessarily decisive for the success of an advertising campaign, so it should always be analyzed within the ad groups. For example, in the case of similar ad groups, the respective ad with the highest CPM can be deleted


The frequency indicates how often the advertisement was shown to a person on average. A high frequency can mean that the advertisement is no longer perceived by the users. This is also referred to as ad fatigue. In order to avoid too high a frequency, especially with a smaller target group, you should regularly change the creatives, headlines, or ad copy, or enlarge the target group.

Social Network


In social media marketing, Facebook offers significant analyses, precise ad targeting, and the most diverse target group demographics. Take advantage of the most popular social media platform to promote your brand.


Reach a global audience of more than 1 billion people with Instagram advertising, mostly drawn by visual effects. Take advantage of Instagram and get an improvement on your return on investment (ROI).

Tik Tok

Reach Generation Z and take advantage of being one of the first advertisers on TikTok. Combined with inexpensive advertising and a relatively untapped market, TikTok is an efficient way of promoting your products and services.

Our Process


With the help of tracking tools, we are able to track all results and evaluate them in the next step. Link clicks, impressions, conversion rates and many other relevant metrics are tracked, which are used to further optimize our campaigns.


A social media campaign is never "perfect". Therefore, our aim is to gradually improve every campaign. Through our continuous monitoring and optimization of your campaigns, we can guarantee lasting advertising success. We'll track your ads 24/7 to make sure you're achieving your desired goals.


With ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), the profitability of each campaign can be assessed. After we can ensure the profitability of the advertising campaign, we focus on scaling. When the campaigns are scaled, the budget is increased step by step, and the increasing expenses result in even more sales.

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